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Music is basic and belongs to everyone. Singing is the most primal of instruments. If one knows how to sing it, one knows it on a deep level. Piano is a tremendous instrument upon which to approach the musical language as well. Combining these two, if one wishes, is a wonderful way to have fun and to learn.

During our lessons, anyone who enjoys singing will be invited to learn how to read at sight, much as one reads a book. If singing doesn’t appeal, we will simply learn how to play piano!

The components of the language of music, will be gradually and gently acquired, moving from the known to the unknown. It is an amazing and profound experience to see that one day, or one week, something seems so challenging; the next, “Oh, this is easy!”

Our first goal is to have enjoyable musical experiences. Our second, is to bring musical literacy into your life. Feeling successful is important. Also, bringing the opportunities to develop in all the ways that music fosters; physically, emotionally, intellectually, aesthetically, and even socially.

Learn How To Play Piano. Take Piano Lessons with music teacher Jan Sarvis. Located in Fairfax, CA and serving Marin County, including San Anselmo, San Rafael, Novato.We will have many experiences, playing freely and learning how it feels to play; moving from the experience,to the symbolization of the experience.

My training and love is primarily “classical”. The purpose of music being to bring joy however, means one should play what brings one pleasure. Once, at a Cabaret (my version of a recital) a dear high school senior boy student played three things: a boogie, a blues, and the first movement of the Moonlight Sonata of Beethoven. He loved all of them, and so did everyone else.

As much as we are able, we will develop a structured, but flexible approach to musical training. A well trained musician has a fully developed ear, heart, mind, and hand. These goals are, to me synonymous with being, and becoming, a full human being.

People of all ages are welcome! Contact me today.

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